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Islands of Recreation


Elastocoat C partners with Teuco to create the ultimate in spa relaxation, providing quality products for a world-class bathing experience.


With top-class design, state-of-art technology and a fine glossy coat of Elastocoat C Teuco creates true spas of recreation

Since 1972 Teuco has been giving the international spa culture a completely new face with products of extraordinary design and state-of-the-art technology. Under the guidance of the Italian designers simple lavatories and bathrooms have been transformed into islands of relaxation and recreation giving a completely new meaning to the notion of personal care. Their aesthetic whirlpool bathes, multi-functional showers, Turkish baths and saunas are classics in the field of bathroom equipment and accessories — and have been widely acknowledged with numerous awards.


Teuco designs equipment that creates the true spa feeling in your bathroom. Just lean back and enjoy a massage, Turkish sauna or a wonderfully cleansing and stimulating shower. No other manufacturer has had such a deep impact on the spa culture as the Italian specialist. Words often fail when it comes to describing the wellbeing created by Teuco bathroom equipment. If you want to find out for yourself, simply install the necessary fittings. Everything else is done by Teuco — designer of the perfect spa for body and soul. One of their areas of expertise is multi-functionality. For the Teuco planners, drafts people and designers this means the entire range of water massages put into one cabin product (functional shower unit, shower cabin, multi-purpose bath tub with and without Turkish bath) integrated by means of the Turkish bath.


Lean back, close your eyes, start the recreational programme and leave the daily grind behind you


A massaging water jet pours out of the swivel jointed nozzles which — thanks to their special design — can be individually adjusted to the bather's needs. The cleverly positioned nozzles are designed to reach all important zones for a massage which is both relaxing and revitalising. The massaging effect is created by the pressure of the water jet on the skin. For perfect relaxation the bather can also decide whether he wants to enjoy his massage standing up or sitting in a specially designed seat. In either position the effect on the blood circulation and tissue is immediate. The destressing and muscle relaxing effect on the psycho-physical balance is more indirect but just as deep and pleasant. For the best spa effect, simply point the massaging nozzles at the relevant zone of your body, turn on the water and enjoy.


Looking skin-deep, a final coat of Elastocoat C enhances even the most exclusive bathing experience


With its strong backing and its fast and easy processing, Elastocoat® C provides precisely the type of quality Teuco demands of its suppliers. This diversity and the large scope for creative application ideas render Elastocoat the perfect material for all those whose ideas take them beyond the standard both in design and manufacturing processes, and for those who desire a strong, elastic backing for their end products. In other words: Elastocoat C is ideally suited for the coating and reinforcement of top-quality moulded parts. The polyurethane, which is sprayed onto the bottom side of bath tubs, stands out because of its especially economical processing possibilities and excellent mechanical properties. It adheres extremely well to other materials thus allowing processors the greatest freedom of design. So, whenever your Teuco spa paradise goes deep under your skin, the skin-deep pleasure will be just as great — because you will be sitting, lying or standing on Elastocoat C.

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