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For 35 years, himolla and BASF have worked to establish and create one of the most well-known, high-quality furniture brands in Europe. Inside each of their individually ordered pieces, is always Elastoflex foam, from Elastogran.


Whoever sits on himolla is in seventh heaven. And this has a good deal to do with Elastoflex W, the foam material from ELASTOGRAN with heavenly flexibility


Himolla and comfortable, relaxed seating has a long tradition. Back in the 19th century, in Taufkirchen, Bavaria, the company started manufacturing upholstered furniture. From 1948 onwards, it rose from being a family business to one of Europe's leading upholstered furniture manufacturers — a success story achieved only with the highest quality standards.


Today, every order is still individually produced. "Customer wishes have top priority with us," stresses Albrecht Wetzel, himolla's purchasing director. "We make everything possible and we offer everything, but in a targeted way," he says, underlining the company philosophy. The customer can choose between numerous product ranges. The total programme offers 250 different basic models in 800 different fabrics and 150 types of leather. The one thing all "Made by himolla" upholstered furniture has in common though, is foam. Here, in accordance with company tradition, only proven and flexible material is used — Elastoflex® W, the PU foam from Elastogran.


In the European furniture market, if you don't offer top quality you go under


The business relationship between the two companies is as solid as the products. And himolla has been an ELASTOGRAN client for around 35 years now. Director Karl Sommermeyer is largely responsible for this, and ably keeps the company on course for success with high quality standards and a wide range of furniture. "You have to create discerning products and show continuity," says Sommermeyer, "otherwise you'll go under in the European furniture market, which is increasingly dominated by cheap producers." And, in relation to the marketing strategy, this furniture professional continues: "We engage in pro-active marketing of our products, but we don't have any brand policy as such, which means we can sell everywhere and reach a wide public." In Germany, himolla products are available in around 2,000 furniture stores. New markets are opening up across the globe, especially in Europe and in Asia, where there is increasing interest in "Made in Germany" products. The 30-percent export figures prove this point.


The sofa is usually the best — and most comfortable — place to be


As the average consumer spends 111 minutes each day sitting on the sofa, comfort is key. Comfort in sitting or reclining depends on where the sofa is situated and customer age. Which is why himolla offers upholstered furniture in three different grades of hardness. It's good, therefore, that ELASTOGRAN's PU foam can be adjusted to accommodate any degree of hardness. But that is by no means its only advantage. The upholstered parts are manufactured in closed moulds. "This makes for better imaging of the different upholstery geometries," explains the foam production director Hansjšrg von Wantoch, a real professional who has kept a keen eye on upholstery quality for more than 25 years. Elastoflex W is outstanding for producing goods of high quality. And a client such as himolla needs to be able to rely on this. PU soft foam assures long-lasting, high-comfort seating. Different moulds can be made depending on need — without much trimming or costly after-processing.


3,600 moulded parts per day, 100 new designs per year — this only works with partners as flexible as himolla


A wide design scope with diversity of shape and range of seating hardness — whether for upholstery, backrests, armrests or other moulded parts — has become a worldrenowned feature of the Taufkirchen company brand. Given that 3,600 moulded parts must be produced daily, the company has to be able to reply on its partners. "We need especially flexible production procedures," stresses von Wantoch, "as we have around 1,000 different moulded parts currently in use."


An average 100 new designs are added every year. ELASTOGRAN has introduced a new system streamlined to himolla's needs, to coincide with the next collection. This is very advantageous for himolla, and is the result of good collaboration between the Development, Application Technology and Production departments. Production is completed in response to each order that comes in, and is tailored to customers' requirements.


Young and trendy, timeless elegance, or classic design — whatever your style you'll always stretch out comfortably on himolla


Polyurethane foam is used in all upholstery systems right across the range — from the younger, more modern collection to the top end of the range, which is marketed under the "Taufkirchen Workshops" label. "We offer a full range of products," explains Albrecht Wetzel, the company's purchasing director. "We supply everything, from funky, extendable sofa beds through to the highest-class leather sofa. Individual furniture ranges are tailored to specific purchaser groups." Modern, trendy and convertible furniture pieces for young people in their first flat, a premium collection with timeless and elegant design, or the Maximilian range, with its classic, high-class lifestyle design.


The common feature of all these ranges is the great versatility and convertibility of each upholstered furniture piece. The customer can individually design and combine them. For instance, an armchair can convert into a TV corner with an integrated desk and footrest. And in a few quick moves, a chic sofa turns into a comfortable bed. Whether you want a swivel-mounted bed frame, an electrically operated recamiere sofa or a sofa with integrated massage function — it's no problem for himolla! Their motto, as expert furniture manufacturers, is to design furniture that really improves quality of life and so is both aesthetically pleasing and of practical benefit.


It's amazing how much is hidden away in these armchairs. Sometimes even a little masseur.


The range also includes special-function furniture — from a convertible TV armchair to the relaxation chair with all kinds of integrated functions, for wellness and relaxation at home. himolla supplies Europe's biggest range of easy chairs: the Cumulus range, for instance, offers ergonomic seating comfort combined with timeless design.


Relaxation is built into all these armchairs from the comfort range, right through to the high-tech massage range. And as soon as a customer has made their choice, their new customised sofa will arrive in just 10 days. It has to be said, himolla sofas and armchairs are so incredibly comfortable, they're bound to push up the average 111 minutes a day spent on the sofa.

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