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Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.


The White House pressroom in Washington, DC was furnished with new seating from Spain, and to meet the high expectations and standards of the White House, BASF was chosen to provide the chair's interior.



From now on, White House press conferences will have a tangible benefit: Even if you don't get all the facts, you will be sitting comfortably


Figueras International Seating, S.A. is responsible for the backbone of the world's press as it waits all-ears for information, indiscretion or the most sensational news. This Spanish company based near Barcelona is now indisputably one of the world's leading seating design and manufacturing companies for public spaces of all kinds. For instance in airports, concert halls, theatres, conference centres, museums, cinemas — and, of course, press announcement rooms.


In July 2007, the White House pressroom in Washington DC was furnished with new seating from Spain. Now, when the world's press are waiting for answers from American leaders, one thing at least we know for sure: They will be able to sit through the event in comfort. The seats are made at Lliçà d'Amunt near Barcelona. The project contract was negotiated by Figueras Seating USA in Miami, the US affiliate of the international group, and the base for establishing a new design range in the USA. The motive for this is evident from the new chairs at the White House.


PU soft foam means you can sit in comfort as you seek out the hard truth


The new additions to the pressroom are modern, functional and seductively stylised. Bearing the name "Flame" they were conceived by the star Portuguese designer Filipe Oliveira Dias. Folded up, their flame-red cushions look like tongues of fire. Quality materials such as real leather, beech and an aluminium base complete their clear-cut, economical form.


The essence cannot be seen but can be sensed: The chairs' inner vitality derives from the polyurethane soft foam system Elastoflex® W, which is perfectly suited for this model, giving outstanding comfort even with heavy use. In addition, the soft foam has particularly advantageous acoustic properties, absorbing noise interference. It can be produced in varying degrees of hardness and as multi-zone foam, and is therefore ideal for upholstery, backrests and armrests.


Naturally, with such high-exposure use, it goes without saying that the chair's interior is totally fireretardant and thus fulfils the high safety standards of the White House. So take a seat, and have your questions ready.


Conference chairs — Facts

Material:   Elastoflex® W — soft-foam systems
Application:   cushions and backrests for the White House pressroom
Properties:   ergonomically designed seating and armrest parts, excellent support and comfort, good durability, fire-retardant, noise-absorbent
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