Autofroth® Polyurethane Foam Customer Success Story


Homebuilder Eric Habben builds an energy efficient home using thermocore Panel Systems SIPs, made with BASF's Autofroth insulation


While headlines across the country chronicled the crushing effects of skyrocketing energy costs on homeownership, builder Eric Habben set out to prove that his new home could be an oasis from energy concerns.


Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas where summer days often reach 110 and winter lows are often in the teens, Habben knew that his energy challenges could be solved by using structural insulated panels (SIPs). But, Habben reasoned, not all SIPs are created equally. He demanded best-in-class; panels with optimum insulating performance and easy, fast installation.




Habben’s research pointed him to thermocore Panel Systems SIPs, made with BASF’s Autofroth insulation that provides a value of r-6 up to r-7 per inch, higher than any other standard insulation material.


But the insulating value wasn’t the only benefit for Habben.


“Some systems go together much better than others, and thermocore’s system is remarkable. other manufacturers ship blank panels, so the builder has to cut out door and window openings onsite,” says Habben.


With thermocore SIPs, the cuts are all done at the factory using precision machinery, ensuring an excellent fit with less waste at the jobsite. that attention to detail meant Habben erected the entire shell of his 3,200 square foot home in under four days time. Habben’s house has such a highly insulated building envelope that, “We used 10 gallons of propane to heat the house last year. And for cooling, my air-conditioner may kick on for 20 minutes or so in the late afternoon on the hottest of days,” Habben adds.


“my highest electric bill was $77 a month, but it averages $36 for most of the year.” thermocore Panel Systems, Inc. President Patrick Egan explains, “using BASF Autofroth meant we were working with insulation that has one of the highest r-values per inch of material in the world and our unique manufacturing processes, coupled with BASF technology, makes us essentially a waste-free manufacturer. And we don’t contribute any additional waste at a jobsite as well.”


Thermocore SIP Benefits


          4-inch thick r-24 panels accommodate standard window jambs.
          Custom made to individual specifications.
          Electrical boxes and conduits are all in place.
          Headers and beam pockets can also be pre-engineered and molded right into the panels.
          Load-bearing, eliminating the need for additional framing.
          Increased air and moisture barrier.
          Pest resistant.
          Available nationally.


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