Polyurethane foam for footwear systems


Elastopan is a multi-component polyurethane (foam) system for the production of mid-, out- and insoles. It offers high-performance and innovative solutions for producers of casual shoes, safety shoes and sport shoes.


Elastopan products provide a virtually unlimited freedom in terms of design, color and texture, simple handling and processing paired with excellent physical properties like flexibility, abrasion and hydrolysis resistance, durability and low mass.


For safety and working shoes, Elastopan provides additional oil- and petrol-resistant as well as anti-static properties and fulfills all relevant EN standards.


Elastopan systems are available as polyester and polyether based systems and are compatible with both casting and injection machines.


2 specific formulations in the Elastopan® family.

Product Name Category Applications
Elastopan® S Feel Wood Polyurethane foam House and Home
Elastopan® S Proflite Polyurethane foam House and Home


Markets and Applications

House and Home


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Elastopan® Case Studies


A cool twist_img1

A cool twist: Polyurethane gel, comfort with a cool touch

The NA Polyurethane raw materials slab foam team put the fundamentals of chemistry to the test — and the result was a cool twist on an age old product.


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Go! Footwear News: Timberland

BASF Polyurethanes works with the footwear manufacturer to develop a non-slip sole for its line of workwear


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Elastopan® Downloads


Elastopan® S Feel Wood

It looks like wood, feels like wood, sounds like wood and it is as hard as wood. These new soles are the latest wonder development from BASF Polyurethanes at Villanova d\'Asti. They have incredible stability and toughness, but also a tailored elasticity.


Tough and light: Elastopan® Proflite

BASF has developed an easy to use polyurethane system for making lightweight midsoles for safety shoes with excellent antistatic properties but also flexible, soft and highly resistant to chemicals.


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