A better planet through polyurethane


Polyurethanes have changed our lives for the better—both from the manufacturing perspective and from the consumer experience. Ease and cost efficiencies of manufacturing both raw materials and finished products have made items more affordable. Polyurethane’s properties allow designers of all disciplines to enjoy freedom of expression. Products made with polyurethane are stronger, more durable and more sustainable.


Homes and buildings made with polyurethane foam insulation, air barrier and roofing systems are more energy efficient, more durable and faster to build. They offer shelter from storms by providing increased wind uplift resistance and the ability to withstand submersion in flood waters.


Vehicles made with polyurethane parts are lighter and more fuel efficient to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Component parts are stronger and last longer, reducing maintenance needs and diverting waste from landfills and scrap heaps.


Coastlines and levees protected with polyurethane can withstand erosion and extreme weather, preserving delicate eco systems and guarding communities from disasters.


Appliances insulated with polyurethane are more efficient and require less energy to operate. Manufacturing with polyurethane is streamlined and less energy intensive.


Everywhere in our daily lives, polyurethane is striving to balance the triple bottom line—ecology, economy and society.


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