BASF and Buick inspire the next generation of designers

Posted on July 11, 2014

Conceptualizing the future of a brand is a unique opportunity. It is the chance to reinterpret and plan to meet the challenges of the future.


And that’s what design students from Detroit’s College for Creative Studies—one of the world’s most prestigious auto design schools—had the chance to do.


BASF partnered with Buick to sponsor a competition where these students were given the goal of reimagining the Buick brand for 2030. The challenges, which ranged from demographic, economic, environmental and disruptive technological change, offered inspiration for the students who took the opportunity to innovate and dream up the next big concept car.


As part of the competition, students created sketches, renderings and 1:5 models of their concept cars. The models were then judged by a panel of Buick designers, as well as BASF materials engineers and marketing experts.


The panel selected Namsuk Lee for overall concept and best interior for his Buick Vision Sedan concept. Many of the other designs highlighted superb exterior design and innovative use of materials.


We’re delighted to highlight media coverage of the competition detailing these “Buicks of the future” and their creators. Learn more about how we helped enable these aspiring designers with their vision in AutoWeek and The New York Times.



Image credit: Buick 2014. 


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