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What defines a polyurethane?

Polyurethane is any polymer—a large molecule of repeating structural units—composed of a chain of organic units, joined by urethane links. It includes natural and synthetic materials with a variety of properties. Polyurethanes are the most versatile of all the polymers and can be made liquid, rigid, pliable and stretchable, and can be spread, sprayed or molded.


Is SPF roofing an affordable option for retrofits?

Yes, in fact, SPF roofing is the lowest cost re-roofing option in 98% of retrofit projects, because it can be applied to the existing substrate almost every time. That means reduced labor, and with tons of waste being diverted from landfill, disposal fees – and the cost to the environment – are both greatly reduced.


Can SPF roofing help my project gain LEED® points?

ELASTOSPRAY®’s performance can contribute to many LEED® points, especially in the energy categories. In fact, we used ELASTOSPRAY on BASF’s new North American headquarters building, which achieved LEED double platinum!

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Are there health and safety precautions to take when working with polyurethanes?

Engineering controls and sound workplace practices are often the first line of defense against diisocyanate exposures, and guidelines have been established to help individuals avoid overexposure and adverse health effects. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a Respiratory Protection Program Standard (29 CFR §1910.134) to address respiratory hazards. It is important that employees wear any personal protective equipment (PPE) recommended for their specific job functions. With proper precaution and the use of engineering controls and PPE, a worker can protect himself or herself from overexposure to diisocyanates. You can learn more about health and safety standards and regulations at the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry.


What is the Responsible Care initiative?

The chemical industry is committed to the safe, responsible and sustainable management of chemicals through their entire life cycle, and for their intended end use. Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s world-class performance initiative. Its companies are industry leaders, bound together by a commitment to address challenges and continuously improve the performance of the chemical industry. You can learn more about Responsible Care at the American Chemistry Council.


How does BASF measure environmental impact of products and technologies?

We believe that analysis beats greenwash. Scientific measurement is the only way to accurately document the true impact of construction products over the entire lifecycle. That's why BASF developed the award-winning, third-party validated Eco-Efficiency Analysis. To harmonize ecology and economy, it assesses the lifecycle of a product or manufacturing process from the "cradle to the grave" in five categories:


- Resource utilization
- Energy consumption
- Emissions to air, water and soil
- Toxicity potential
- Misuse and risk potential


The purpose of the Eco-Efficiency Analysis is to enable scientifically accurate comparisons of similar products or processes. This involves carrying out an overall study of alternative solutions to include a total cost determination and the calculation of ecological impact over the entire lifecycle. You can learn more at



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