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With an extensive international track record, BASF is a world leader in polyurethane materials for the oil and gas industries.


With a commitment to delivering high-performance, mercury-free products, BASF is working to secure a safe and productive future for the Earth’s energy resources.


BASF has a large portfolio of products for the onshore and offshore oil and gas industries, from pipeline insulation products to pigs, supports, coatings, elastomers and pipeline foams.


Supporting those products is a global network of BASF facilities positioned in major oil-and-gas producing regions, ensuring customer service and technical support is always close by.


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Oil and Gas Case Studies


300 meters deep and 30 hours at a stretch — no problem for Trident_IMG1

300 meters deep and 30 hours at a stretch — no problem for Trident.

Huge progress has been made in many areas of subsea diving, and thanks to BASF, a new insulation system for diving bells can be added to the list, by developing the latest generation of glass-syntactic PU for the insulation of subsea equipment.


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Deep, Deep Down_IMG1

Deep, Deep Down

The "Pengins Project", is the exceptionally challenging process of continuously extracting crude oil deposits from the English North Sea territory. ELASTOGRAN took on the challenge to develop made-to-measure, off-shore pipe insulation for the Penguins pipelines, through focused know-how and the benefit of vast experience.


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Soaking it up like a sponge

Polyurethane foam protects Nord Stream Pipeline through the Baltic Sea


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Oil and Gas Downloads


Elastocoast® Product Brochure

All you need to know about modern coastal protection.


KU Capabilities Brochure: Chemistry in daily life

Polyurethane solutions for daily life.


Solutions for the Offshore Industry

Continuous performance under pressure demands innovation and unique products. BASF offers a wide range of Polyurethane Solutions for offshore applications which work smoothly and reliably under the most extreme conditions.


ELASTOSHORE® ZEROHg GSPU™ Line Pipe Track Record

Pipeline track record from 2006 to 2011


Elastopor® and Autofroth® Polyurethane Foam Systems For Insulation Sell Sheet

Benefits and Advantages of Elastopor® and Autofroth® Insulation Foams.


Elastocoat S5000 Technical Data Sheet

ELASTOCOAT S-5000 Silicone Roof Coating is a moisture-cure silicone rubber roof coating system designed for use over spray-in-place polyurethane foam. Supplied as a one-part, ready-to-use material, it is available in four fade-resistant colors including dark gray, gray, beige and white.


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