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BASF polyurethane technologies have changed the way the game is played. Just about every game. Polyurethane can be shaped, molded and manufactured into any form. And in most cases it’s lighter, more durable and more cost-effective than the material or manufacturing method it replaces.


BASF polyurethanes are used in a wide range of applications that include breathable sport apparel, golfing equipment, inflatable flotation devices, pool cleaners, shoes and boots, skis and skate wheels, ski laminates, snowboard bindings and snowshoe straps, surfboards, goggles, toys—the list is as long as the sports and recreation activities that fill our days and make our weekends memorable.


House and Home Case Studies


A cool twist_img1

A cool twist: Polyurethane gel, comfort with a cool touch

The NA Polyurethane raw materials slab foam team put the fundamentals of chemistry to the test — and the result was a cool twist on an age old product.


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Dreaming? Or just sleeping?_IMG1

Dreaming? Or just sleeping?

On average, we spend 200,000 hours sitting, or lying down, in a lifetime. BASF and Ikea partnered up to make this time more comfortable, by designing relaxing neck cushions to suit individual needs.


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Go! Footwear News: Timberland

BASF Polyurethanes works with the footwear manufacturer to develop a non-slip sole for its line of workwear


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Going places with Amptown cases_IMG2

Going places with Amptown cases.

Whether transporting a Steinway concert piano, or the complete light and sound equipment for the opening of the Olympic Games, Amptown has remained the leading manufacturer of flight cases. With the help of BASF, they have managed to evolve to handle the diverse growth in technological demands of their customers.


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Heavenly Pleasure_IMG1

Heavenly Pleasure

For 35 years, himolla and BASF have worked to establish and create one of the most well-known, high-quality furniture brands in Europe. Inside each of their individually ordered pieces, is always Elastoflex foam, from Elastogran.


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Herman Miller

Herman Miller

The office furniture maker works with BASF Engineering Plastics to create a PVC-free arm pad for its Aeron Office Chair


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If you want to go full speed down the piste_IMG1

If you want to go full speed down the piste, you might also want to know what you are standing on — regardless of whether it is a board or skis

BASF helps ski and snowboard companies showcase their brands to endure the roughest of conditions, with the use of Elastollan.


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Islands of Recreation_IMG1

Islands of Recreation

Elastocoat C partners with Teuco to create the ultimate in spa relaxation, providing quality products for a world-class bathing experience.


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Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States_IMG1

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

The White House pressroom in Washington, DC was furnished with new seating from Spain, and to meet the high expectations and standards of the White House, BASF was chosen to provide the chair's interior.


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Sole mates_IMG1

Sole mates

Timberland PRO shoe experts team up with BASF to strive for the very best in the highly competitive market of hotel work shoes, to ensure an extra-long life, unbeatable comfort, and outstanding slip-resistant shoe for absolute reliability and speed in serving guests.


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