More than a match for UV rays


BASF polyurethanes offer a new solution on an old problem, and create new opportunities for design and manufacture of silicon wafer and thin film technologies, solar panels and cells.


The Colo-Fast® polyurethane casting system offers quick, economical and secure framing of photovoltaic and solar panels. The UV-stable system can be used to replace aluminum frames typically used in the past and opens up a variety of frame design opportunities for customers. Other benefits include better edge protection, and resistance to weathering and UV light.


  • Versatile framing solution for photovoltaic applications
  • Weather resistant and easy to manufacture
  • Design freedom -- no limitations to color or shape requirements
  • Electrical features can be incorporated to reduce installation steps


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Fast. Faster. COLO-FAST®

With the new COLO-FAST® PU moulding system, photovoltaic panels and solar collectors can be produced more quickly and cheaply and offer greater durability and flexibility


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